In Simferopol pensioners, who organized a protest in support of Karametov, were detained

Дата: 14 August 2017
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Several elderly residents of Crimea organized single-person protests in Simferopol.

As reported by Crimean lawyers and other Crimean residents on their Facebook pages.

According to various sources, 4 or 5 Crimean residents organized protests.

“Today in Simferopol, at least four elderly persons have held their own protets, in response to the arrest of the 76-year old Server Karametov, with the same poster that was held by Server-agya with a writing “Putin, our children are not terrorists” on it”, – wrote Lilya Budzhurova, Crimean journalist.

According to her, protests took place at the Parliament building, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Supreme Court of Crimea.

Lawyer Edem Semedlyaev reports that Yarikul Davlatov, Oleksandr Dyachkov, Seytumer Seytumerov and Selim Teyfuk were detained.

As a reminder, on August 8, Russian police have detained Crimean Tatar activist Server Karametov, who have organized a single-person protest at the building of the Supreme Court of Crimea.

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