Russia closes case against Ukrainian citizen Litvinov

Дата: 01 December 2015
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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation closed the criminal proceedings against Ukrainian citizen Serhiy Litvinov.

His lawyer, Viktor Parshutkin, posted this information on his Facebook page.

Litvinov was accused of “participation in the punitive operations as part of the Dnipro paramilitary battalion against civilians of Donbas – massacres and rapes.” The victims of Litvinov were allegedly thirty men, eight women, and one child.

The criminal proceedings against Litvinov were terminated due to rehabilitating grounds, i.e. non-participation in the alleged crimes. He has the right to compensation for damages caused as a result of illegal and groundless accusations,” the lawyer wrote.

As reported, Litvinov was arrested in August last year, allegedly in a Russian hospital, while the lawyer denied that Litvinov had gone to be treated in Russia. Litvinov has become a symbol of inhumanity of the “Ukrainian castigators” in the Russian media. He faced up to 20 years in prison.

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