Russia reconvicts already sentenced Ukrainians – lawyer

Дата: 23 March 2016
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Three Ukrainians, who were reconvicted in Crimea for the crimes committed prior to the occupation, are serving sentences in Russia.

Lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov posted this on his Facebook page.

According to him, these are citizens of Ukraine Skoblykov from Mykolayiv, Larionov and Burlaka from Kharkiv. They had been convicted in Crimea by Ukraine, and refused to accept Russian citizenship after the occupation. The lawyer said that Russia had violated the international law and “brought their sentences into line with the norms of the Russian Criminal Code”, i.e. reconvicted them for their crimes which they had been already punished for.

When the amnesty had been taking place in Ukraine, those citizens asked to consider their candidacies, but the Russian authorities refused, explaining that the Ukrainian amnesty did not apply to Russia.

Now they are serving sentences in colonies in the Ural region, Russia.

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