Council of Europe concerned over violation of rights of IDPs in Ukraine

Дата: 08 July 2016
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Resolution No. 365 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine violates the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights.

This was stated by Regis Brillat, the Special Adviser of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe for Ukraine, the Human Rights Information Centre correspondent reports.

We have concluded that the resolutions, in particular, No. 365, though solve critical issues, but some of the provisions relating to, for example, verification of IDPs, violate the standards of the Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights. Any country has the right to verify the legitimacy of social payments or pensions, however, an introduced mechanism violates the human rights and raises very big concern from the point of view of compliance with the Council of Europe’s standards. This may create discrimination against persons and interfere in the freedom of movement and privacy,” Regis Brillat said.

The Council of Europe calls on the government and the parliament to take additional measures to improve the overall situation and make every effort to fully meet the international standards,” he added.

The Special Adviser of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe for Ukraine called on Ukrainian authorities to respond when IDPs are asking for help. He stressed that the authorities should do so with the highest priority of compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Committee for Human Rights Hryhoriy Nemyria reminded of dependence of providing EU’s macro-financial assistance on the observance of the rights and freedoms of the internally displaced persons.

I have heard the statements by the Ukrainian Finance Minister and the Prime Minister that we will get a huge help this year, including from the EU. I would like to remind that one of the conditions for provision of macro-financial assistance is fulfillment of commitments to internally displaced people. If this is not done, the question arises, who will be responsible for not getting billions of euros. It is not a trifle. It is actually a matter of survival of the state,” the Chairman of the Committee said.

As reported, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska sharply criticized the Social Policy Ministry for the resolution No. 365. She stressed that the resolution restricts the rights of IDPs and contains discriminatory provisions.

The human rights activists were also outraged by the resolution No. 637, which, according to them, would strengthen the control over IDPs and interfere in their privacy.

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