Flashmob for release of scientist Kozlovskyy from captivity of “DPR” is spreading on social networks

Дата: 16 March 2017
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Flashmob for the release of scientist Ihor Kozlovskyy, who is held in captivity of the “DPR” militants for 415 days, from captivity of the “DPR” is spreading on social networks.

He’s being convicted of keeping two grenades in a cabinet with the sacred texts of various religions. His half-incapacitated son, who suffers from Down’s syndrome, has always been in the same room, which adds absurdity and ridicule to these accusations.

On March 15, “Military Tribunal of the DPR” conducted the second so-called court hearing on the Kozlovskyy case.

The only way to free the scientist from confinement is great public impact.

Denis Kozlovskyy, nephew of the scientist, began the flashmob with a publication under the #FreeKozlovskyy hashtag. The initiative was supported by activists, journalists, cultural figures, musicians, show-business representatives.

In particular, journalist Denis Kazansky, singer Jamala, Andriy Khlyvnyuk, the leader of Boombox band, O.Torvald band and international human rights organization Amnesty International, joined the flashmob in support of Ihor Kozlovskyy.

They call on everyone to participate in the flashmob and urge politicians to do everything possible to release Ihor Kozlovskyy.

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