Prisoner of the Lukyanivska SIZO died from the lack of medical aid

Дата: 27 January 2017
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Upon the death of 21 year-old inmate of the SIZO (pre-trial detention centre) of Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv proceeded to enter the evidence to the National Register of Pre-Trial Investigations under the Article 121 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Intended grievous bodily injury committed by a method characterized by significant torture, or by a group of persons and also for the purpose of intimidating the victim or other persons, or committed as a contracted offense, or which caused death of the victim).

As reported by the press service of the Kyiv Prosecutor Office.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office sent a demand to the Central Interregional Directorate for Execution of Punishments and Probation of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to hold a thorough official investigation regarding this fact.

At this moment a forensic examination, which is to establish the cause of death of the prisoner, is appointed in the criminal proceedings.

Pre-trial investigation is controlled by the Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv.

According to Vyacheslav Svyrets, the Head of the Department on Human Rights of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the prisoner died due to the delay in the provision of proper medical aid.

“A young man died in the hospital, where he was brought from the infamous Lukyanivska detention centre. How many times we need to repeat that doctors are forced to do everything to hide the beatings and injured when they are depending on the management of the detention centre… Of course, medical unit tried to help the prisoner on their own. But it is impossible to provide the necessary assistance in serious injuries with such old equipment, while having only Brilliant Green, Iodine and Citramonum at disposal. The institutions such as Lukyanivska SIZO have no moral rights to exist. It is simply an “evil residence” in the centre of the modern city”, – wrote Svyrets on his Facebook page.

According to him, the provision of proper medical aid remains to be a problem in the detention centre, despite the appeals of the General Prosecutor’s Office to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

“How many more deaths need to happen? How many letters General Prosecutor’s Office needs to write to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, to the Cabinet of Ministers, how many working groups, meetings, discussions, approvals we need to visit, until someone in the Ministry of Healthcare understands that it is necessary to make the medical aid independent from the management of prisons and detention centres??? Hey, you gave Hippocratic Oath! You should not divide people into rich and pour, in the orange and the blue, into those detained by the police and those who are free to walk around the city. You should divide only into the sick and healthy!”, – outrages Svyrets.

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