Street football banned in Crimea – and called it illegal rally

Дата: 07 March 2017
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In the Crimean village Krasnokamianka, principal of one of the schools called the occupation police to interrupt the football match of local courtyard teams at the school stadium.

As reported by the “CrimeaInform” news agency, this was stated by the participants of the match on social networks.

“On March 4, a match was held between neighborhood sports teams in Krasnokamianka. The match was interrupted by the school principal and district police officer, explaining that they are conducting an unauthorized rally that was not coordinated with the administration of Feodosia and forbade us to continue the match. However, before it was not forbidden to remain in the territory of the stadium: to play football and other sports games”, – said representatives of amateur football teams.

Youngsters posted a video recording of the incident on social networks and stressed that there are no other leisure options in the village.

“There are no sports events for young and elderly people in our village, there are no other places for sports, so the youth decided to organize competitions between neighborhood teams themselves. After we continued the game, school principal ordered to take away the football gates. What else do we have to do after the principal’s ban. Drink alcohol and take drugs?”, school students wrote and ask the public of Feodosia district to support them.

Stanislav Krysin, head of the administration of Feodosia, asked Nadiya Alekseenko, head of the education department of the Feodosia, to explain the situation on March 6 as part of the meeting. She explained that school principal acted in accordance with security concerns.

“The situation is that a large group of children was gathered at the stadium without a warning. Group was gathered by a young man, who did not warn anyone. And of course, school principal asked to show nurse and police representative, since it is a mass gathering of teenagers. When local children attend this stadium, then there are no issues, but in this situation ads were posted about this organized game and school principle was not warned. So the first thing she did was turning to the police to call the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, – explained Alekseenko and said that school principle saw the ads only on the day of the game.

According to Krysin, stadiums and sports grounds should remain open to the public. He stated that he does not consider the principle’s actions to be correct and instructed his subordinates to conduct an internal investigation on this fact.

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