Searches in editorial offices, apartments of ATR chiefs conducted in Crimea

Дата: 02 November 2015
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The search is being conducted in the editorial offices of the ATR TV channel and “15 Minutes” news outlet, computer equipment is being seized.

According to the Crimean Human Rights Group, the search is being conducted on the floor, where the filming equipment is stored, the editorial offices of the ATR TV channel and “15 Minutes” news outlet are located.

As the Crimean Human Rights Group reports, the searches in the apartments of director general of the ATR Elzara Islyamova and her deputy Lilya Budzhurova already ended. The law enforcers reported that the searches were linked with the criminal case against ATR owner and one of the initiators of the Crimea blockade campaign Lenur Islyamov. The article, which the criminal case was initiated under, and the status of people, who were searched, are not disclosed. The law enforcement officers ban the reporters from coming at the scene of searches.

At about 7:00 today, the law enforcement officers began to conduct the search in the apartments of director general of the “Queen-media LLC” (the Crimean branch of the ATR TV company) Elzara Islyamova, deputy director general Lilya Budzhurova, and in the house of Edem Islyamov, the father of one of the channel owners Lenur Islyamov.

September 20, the ongoing campaign to block the trucks carrying food products to Crimea, initiated by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, was launched. The campaign of the Crimean Tatars is aimed at releasing the Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia and ceasing persecutions against activists and journalists in the occupied peninsula.

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