In Crimea during the trial of activist Balukh the judge removed his sister from the courtroom

Дата: 25 July 2017
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In occupied Crimea, during the trial of case of Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh the court has not found a violation of the right to defense in the fact the absence of one of his lawyers, as well as removed the defendant’s sister, who called the case fabricated, from the courtroom.

As reported by the Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty).

During the court hearing, Balukh announced a protest in connection with the consideration of his case while his lawyer Dmytro Dinze, who is currently studying, is absent. However, the court rejected him, since other defenders of the activist were present at the court hearing.

At the same hearing, the judge decided to remove the Ukrainian’s sister from the courtroom after she loudly declared that she does not believe in the charges and considers the criminal case as fabricated.

The employees of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), which were summoned earlier as witnesses, once again failed to appear in the court, without submitting documents confirming the reason for the absence – they have officially announced a work trip. The judge refused to demand this confirmation from the FSB.

In addition, the investigator, who conducted the pre-trial investigation, was granted a hearing at the trial and he stated that “there is no reason” to check the incriminated version that the ammunition found in the Balukh’s attic could have been deliberately planted.

The next court hearing is scheduled to be held on Thursday, July 27.

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