Cages for detainees being dismantled in Kyiv subway (video)

Дата: 28 September 2016
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The Kyiv subway employees have dismantled a cage for detainees in the police room at the Palats Sportu subway station, Ukrayinski Novyny news agency reports.

Earlier, another such six cages were dismantled in police rooms at other Kyiv subway stations.

Some cages at six other stations have been already dismantled. The cages are being dismantled at night,” spokeswoman for Kyiv subway Natalia Makohon said at the briefing.

We will complete dismantling cages at all subway stations by the end of this week,” deputy head of the National Police Kyiv department Viktor Nechytailo said.

He added that the process was being carried out to meet the European standards.

As reported, September 2, the monitors of the National Preventive Mechanism called on the press for dismantling illegal cages for holding people in police rooms of Kyiv subway, which remained there from the Soviet times.

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