Unidentified men in camouflage uniform abduct people in Kherson region – witnesses

Дата: 05 January 2016
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The unknown persons in camouflage uniform and Aidar batallion chevrons attack, rob and abduct people in Kalanchak district, Kherson region, southern Ukraine.  

The Vhoru (Up) Ukrainian portal reports this with reference to the locals.

The residents of Kalanchak have even organized the people’s guards to protect the public order in the village.

The witnesses to shootings note that they do not know who these people in camouflage uniform are, but they have intimidated the local people. The unknowns destroyed the bar of one of the local residents and beat and kidnapped a local tractor driver.

There is evidence that the unidentified people were also involved in blocking of the administrative border with Crimea.

The Kalanchak residents have already appealed to the police, but there have been no results. According to them, the law enforcement officers know these men, but do not react to crime.

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