Teenagers aged over 14 taught to shoot in Donetsk

Дата: 08 July 2016
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Militants teach girls and boys 14-17 years of age in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, how to shoot.

As Information Resistance group reports, the “DPR” terrorist formation is trying in such a way to solve the problem of acute shortage of trained “staff” in a terrorist subdivision.

“In this regard, the leadership of the so-called ‘Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy introduces’ of the ‘DPR’ introduces the all-republican program of marksmanship training for youth (girls and boys aged 14 to 17 years) The program includes theoretical preparation, study of firearms characteristics, shooting skills,” MP Dmytro Tymchuk, the Information Resistance group leader posted on his Facebook page.

As reported by News of Donbas, 20 school students from the area of Luhansk region controlled by illegal armed groups were trained in the “Guardsman” military and sports camp at the Ministry of Defence of Russia

As a reminder, pursuant to the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, joined by Russia and Ukraine, the states should take all measures to prevent children from being involved in the armed conflict.

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