Another case against Klykh opened in Chechnya

Дата: 05 April 2016
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A criminal case over insulting an official has been opened against Ukrainian political prisoner Stanislav Klykh in Chechnya.

Human rights activist Maria Tomak posted this on Facebook.

I recall that few months ago Klykh was expelled from the courtroom for being too emotional. It was ruled to check the grounds for initiating the proceedings. And a lawyer has revealed almost accidentally that the case has already been opened and is being actively investigated,” she wrote.

As reported, according to the investigators, Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpyuk were members of the UNA-UNSO, which is recognized as extremist organization and its activity is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation, and fought against the Russian federal troops in the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in late 1994 and early 1995.

October 12 last year, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Chechnya began trial on the merits.

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