In 2017, the number of civilians injured in Donbas increased by 110% – OSCE

Дата: 25 May 2017
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The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine recorded 225 casualties among civilians in the Donbas since the beginning of 2017, 44 of which were killed.

As announced by Alexander Hug, Deputy Chief Monitor of the Mission to Ukraine, at the briefing.

He also noted that for the same period in 2016, the SMM has recorded 107 casualties among civilians, 84 wounded and 23 dead.

“This indicates an increase by 110%, compared with last year’s figures”, – he said.

Hug also added that his colleagues are currently verifying information on the large casualties among civilians.

“Last week, when there was a decrease in the level of violence, we recorded six civilian casualties, one of whom died. On the week before last (May 8-14) we confirmed information about 16 cases, including five with fatalities”, – said Hug.

According to him, in one case four people were killed and one was injured.

In addition, Hug said that a 4-year old child became an orphan when, according to the Mission, an artillery shell hit the house in Avdiivka.

“Obviously, there is a correlation between the level of violence and the number of victims. The more explosions and shots, the more likely that people will die or will be injured”, – said Hug.

According to him, in two weeks from May 8-21, more than 81% of civilians were killed or injured from shelling, almost 14% from fire with use of small arms, and about 5% from detonations of mines and ammunition that had not been exploded before.

Based on Interfax-Ukraine and UNIAN

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