Three years of Russian aggression: 9,800 killed and 23,000 wounded – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Дата: 21 February 2017
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More than 9,800 people were killed and about 23,000 were wounded as a result of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.

As reported in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the Third Anniversary of Military Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

“On February 20, 2014, the Russian Federation launched the military aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine… The appalling number of victims highlights the immorality of Kremlin’s war against the Ukrainian people: over 9 800 Ukrainian people were killed, about 23 000 wounded and almost 1.8 million of internally displaced persons. 7.2 % of Ukrainian territory has been seized by offending state and millions of the citizens of Ukraine live there under occupation and endless terror”, – said in a statement of the Ministry.

“Russia persists in sending new fighters, weaponry and ammunition to Ukraine through the section of the Ukrainian-Russian state border of 409.7 km long, which remains out of control of the Ukrainian government”, – as diplomats have reminded.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that occupied Crimea, closed to any form of international control and monitoring, is now an area for systematic human rights violations. It affects, first of all, Ukrainian activists and Crimean Tatars.

“With its actions, Russia has challenged the value-based world order in a try to revive the geopolitical thinking of the past with domination of the rule of force and spheres of influence”, – said the diplomats.

They called on Russia to fully implement its own commitments on peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbas as a signatory of the Minsk Agreements. As well as, put an immediate end to violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the occupied territories, release all hostages and political prisoners and end the occupation of the Crimea.

According to Ukrainian human rights defenders, at least 36 Ukrainians are detained in Russia.

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