Russian court mitigates punishment to drunk driver for participation in ‘DPR’

Дата: 03 February 2016
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The court of Ulyanovsk region of Russia, which considered repeated drunk driving of defendant Suleymanov, recognized his participation in the armed formation “DPR” as a mitigating circumstance.

Suleymanov was hold administratively liable, according to the court ruling.

The court considers that confession of guilt and repentance of the defendant, health condition, assistance to mother, presence of a minor child, the fact that Suleymanov and his cohabiting partner bring up two infants and one minor child under the contract of foster care, and his participation in the DPR militia in February and May 2015 are the mitigating circumstances,” reads the verdict.

He was sentenced to 260 hours of compulsory community services and was deprived of a driving license for two years.

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