Russian journalists, who visited the annexed Crimea, are not allowed to enter Eurovision in Ukraine

Дата: 08 May 2017
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Russian journalists accredited to Eurovision will not be allowed to enter Ukraine if they previously violated the border and illegally visited the occupied Crimea.

As reported by Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to Minister of Internal Affairs, on his Facebook page.

“None of the Russian journalists who are accredited in Kyiv for Eurovision and who previously have violated the state border of Ukraine, illegally visiting the Ukrainian Crimea, will not be admitted to the territory of our country”, – he wrote.

On Sunday of May 7, Ramil Sitdikov, photojournalist of Russian news agencies Russia Today and RIA Novosti, was not allowed to enter Ukraine and banned the entry for three years. He was going to cover the song contest Eurovision-2017. It is reported that another Russian media representative was prohibited to enter the Ukraine.

“The State Border Guard Service notes that the presence of accreditation for Eurovision is not a document that gives the right to cross the border. When making decisions, the State Border Guard Service together with the SBU and the National Police are guided solely by the interests and legislation of Ukraine”, – said in the statement of the State Border Guard Service.

Meanwhile, First Deputy Speaker Iryna Herashchenko advocated a ban on entry to Ukraine for Russian journalists, who have illegally visited the occupied part of Donbass.

“But I also believe that the ban on entry to Ukraine should be introduced against those propagandists who have illegally entered the occupied Donbass through uncontrolled sections of the Ukraine-Russia border and not through the checkpoints”, – she wrote on her Facebook page.

The Deputy Speaker appealed to everyone, who “tracked the possible Russian propagandists in the occupied Donbass” to inform the Ukrainian special forces on this, in order to help the State Border Guard Service to compile the lists of propagandists.

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