Russian citizen Leonova says she was tortured by SBU officers

Дата: 15 January 2016
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Russian citizen Anastasia Leonova, who was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), says she was tortured and ill-treated by the security officers.

She said this in an interview with Dozhd Russian TV channel.

I would like to take this as an unfortunate misunderstanding, but having faced tortures and ill-treatment in the pre-trial investigation department of the Security Service, I realized that I had been detained for a reason, and I could be not released quietly. They might perform the plan on detention of terrorists, I do not know,” Leonova said.

She also said she did not know any of the people who had been detained in the same case. According to her, she was a volunteer in the Right Sector and Aidar battalion in Kharkiv. In August last year, she moved to Kyiv, where he was looking for job and “settled her life.”

In the afternoon it was reported that Leonova had announced a hunger strike on January 12.

As a reminder, Russian opposition activist Anastasia Leonova has been held in the SBU on suspicion of terrorism.

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