Russia requalifies case of Ukrainian citizen Serhiy Litvinov

Дата: 20 January 2016
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Tomorrow, the Tarasovsky District Court of Rostov region, Russia, will start to consider the case of Ukrainian citizen Serhiy Litvinov.

He was previously accused of “prohibited methods of warfare” and “massacres“, but the case fell apart. Now Litvinov is charged with an armed assault on a Russian citizen in Luhansk region, BBC reports.

Litvinov will be tried under Part 3 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery). This article provides for up to 12 years in prison.

According to the investigators, Litvinov and two “representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine used a Kalashnikov to assault a citizen of the Russian Federation” in one of the villages in Luhansk region in the summer of 2014. The attackers allegedly “stole two cars belonging to the victim and injured him.”

According to lawyer Viktor Parshutkin, the episode with cars appeared in the case only in August 2015. Litvinov has never seen the aggrieved party while the documents for vehicles are falsified, the defender said.

According to data provided to the defense, the citizen of Russia (the aggrieved party) was not in Ukraine during the alleged robbery and provided falsified documents to confirm his ownership of the vehicles under investigation,” he said.

Litvinov has been considered to be a volunteer of the Dnipro battalion. The Russian propaganda has made him the symbol of the “atrocities” of the Ukrainian military in Donbas.

As reported, the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Federation closed the criminal proceedings against Ukrainian citizen Serhiy Litvinov in December.

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