Repressions against Crimean Tatars in temporarily occupied Crimea step up

Дата: 30 May 2016
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Repressions against Crimean Tatars in the temporarily occupied Crimea step up.

This was stated by Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov before the session of the International Youth Forum “Future of Crimea”, Ukrinform Ukrainian news agency reports

Repressions against Crimean Tatar daily step up… Mejlis was banned. The homes of Crimean Tatars are forcibly searched,” Chubarov said.

He said that there are 18 political prisoners already in Crimea.

These people carry heavy cross. People, whose families suffer, because their men were taken away. People, who have supported and support the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Ukrainian government and the international community should protect everyone. We started with Nadiya Savchenko, and now have to talk about the exchange of all for all,” Chubarov said.

Meanwhile, Crimean journalist Lilia Budzhurova received a warning from the Russian-controlled prosecutor’s office of Simferopol against violation of anti-extremist legislation.

Budzhurova released the document on her Facebook page.

The warning says that the prosecutor’s office found the traces of extremism in her media articles and messages in social networks “in course of monitoring the Internet.”

It has turned out that the call to help children is extremism. Today, the officers of the prosecutor’s office of Simferopol handed me another warning against violation of the law on combating extremist activity and legislation on the media. These so-called ‘crimes’ were found in my posts on Facebook and in the blog “They are our children now” on portal,” the journalist wrote.

Earlier, Budzhurova wrote the article “They are our children now” calling on Crimean Tatars to help children of the Muslims arrested in Crimea.

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