Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office refuses initiate proceedings against Poroshenko

Дата: 18 September 2015
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Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office refused to investigate the accusations of former head of the Kyiv Court of Appeals Anton Chernushenko against the Presidential Administration.

Chernushenko, who is under investigation now, said that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko along with deputy head of the Presidential Administration had exerted pressure on him to get unjust decisions in several cases.

There is no sufficient evidence of the presence of signs of a criminal offense, and therefore there are no grounds for entering the information on this fact in the unified register of pre-trial investigations,” deputy head of public prosecutor’s office Oleksiy Volyk said in his response to lawyer of Automaidan Roman Maselko, who had previously submitted the crime incident report the law enforcement agencies.

The biggest problem of our law enforcement system is selectiveness. The prosecutor’s offices and the courts have always been used only as obedient tools in the hands of the authorities and worked only by orders. I cannot say on behalf of all, but personally I want there will be one rules for all. I want the prosecutor’s offices and the courts to be truly independent, and those who gives instructions be really punished,” Roman Maselko posted on his Facebook page.

The lawyer is sure that the case of Chernushenko is the indicator that will show whether the government is ready to live by the rules and punish anyone, who tries to exert pressure on the court, or to deny the facts of pressure.

I urge everybody, especially the judges, to support our actions and to demand a thorough investigation into the facts, mentioned by Chernushenko. Do not wait until the policemen visit you with a search warrant. Respond to all the facts of such interventions immediately by filing the crime incident reports,” the lawyer says.

The lawyer will appeal against the actions of the Kyiv prosecutor’s office in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, The first court hearing will be held on October 6.

As a reminder, judge of Pechersk district court in Kyiv Natalia Vasilyeva refused to recognize the inactivity of the Prosecutor General’s Office, whose investigator did not enter the information about illegal detention of the head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and his deputy in the unified register of pre-trial investigations.

The e-petition for renewing the judiciary through open competition and eliminating political influence on judges was registered on the website of the President of Ukraine.

As reported, the experts note that, despite the conclusions of the Venice Commission, the amendments retain a layered and intricate judicial system, do not provide for renewal of the judiciary, and step up the dependence of the judges on political bodies, in particular, on the president.

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