President authorized for military officers to break contracts prematurely

Дата: 04 January 2017
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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the amendments to the law, which standardize the acceptance and dismissal from the military service.

As reported by the press-service of the Presidential Administration.

In particular, this law will allow for military personnel, who signed “virtually indefinite contract”, to retire.

“This gives you the ability to terminate the contract with those who decided to return home and at the same time it will not in the least reduce the combat effectiveness and readiness of units and subdivisions, especially those which are in the zone of ATO”, – as quoted at the press-service of the President.

“For those citizens of Ukraine, who signed a basically indefinite contract during the special period, we are giving an opportunity to restore justice and allow commanders to ensure their retirement”, – he added.

 According to the report, those military personnel, who are serving under the contract, duration of which was extended beyond the deadlines of the announcement of demobilization and have served at least 18 months from the date of its renewal, will receive the right to retire.

Military personnel, who signed the contract until the end of special period or until the announcement of demobilization and have served at least 24 months according the contract, will also receive the ability to retire.

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