Human rights activists appeal to the law enforcement authorities to demolish human trafficking in Ukraine

Дата: 07 October 2016
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Ukrainian human rights activists indicate a widespread trafficking scheme in Ukraine and inactivity of Ukrainian law enforcement. 

The Ukrainian Helsinki Union and the Media Initiative for Human Rights announced their demand on the press conference in Kyiv, reports the correspondent of the Human Rights Information Center

According to them, almost a year ago a scheme of courier service became popular in Ukraine. In fact, people were taken to Russia and forced to sell drugs. 

Human rights activists suspect that almost 2,000 Ukrainians have suffered. Many of the citizens of Ukraine have been convicted by the Russian courts. 

“According to the information of the Ukrainian consulates in Russia, the number of people, who are condemned under Article 228 of the Criminal Code is increasing. 300 victims have been found. Russian police report there are 1,300 detainees. In addition, we, as the human rights activists, receive information from the victims. In Belgorod, there are currently 40 citizens of Ukraine who are accused under Article 228 of the Criminal Code, 15 in Petrozavodsk, 100 in Kaluga”, – said the coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights Maria Tomak

“Among the priorities should be, first, to prove that the detainees are the victims of crimes related to human trafficking and to demand their release in accordance with the relevant provisions of international law. Second priority is to stop the “scheme” of involving Ukrainian citizens to criminal activity. Moldova could stop such scheme with much fewer victims, so why Ukraine is wasting time?” – asked Maria Tomak. 

Human Rights Information Center prepares a publication about a resident of Cherkasy region, Kateryna Onuprienko, whose son is a victim.

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