Ukrainian police to register signs of intolerance in offence

Дата: 07 July 2016
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Ukrainian police have been obliged to register the circumstances of offence, which could indicate the reasons for intolerance.

According to the Diversity Initiative, this is outlined in the order of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine of May 30, which was registered at the Justice Ministry of Ukraine on June 15, No. 864/28994.

The order amends Annex 3 of the Regulations on Unified Crime & Offence Registration Log.

In order to ensure proper registration of criminal offences committed on the grounds of intolerance, Annex 3 of the Regulations is supplemented with a new paragraph 5: “5. Indicates the circumstances of the criminal offence, which could indicate the reasons for intolerance (racial, national origin, religion or belief, etc.)”

According to the order, the Minister shall oversee the implementation of the order.

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