National Bank stonewalling court’s ruling on Crimean ‘non-residents’ – human rights activist

Дата: 24 December 2015
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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) stonewalls the court’s ruling on repealing the NBU’s resolution on recognition of Ukrainians with Crimean residence as non-residents.

Expert Serhiy Zayats said this on the air of the Radio Liberty.

According to him, without the relevant NBU’s decision, the banks do not enforce the judgment of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal, which had recognized this part of the National Bank’s resolution as unlawful on September 1.

The judgments should be enforced unquestionably. We see how the National Bank of Ukraine is stonewalling the situation. And we can even suppose that the banks might be instructed to act as if the resolution continued to be effective,” the human rights activist said.

Zayats reminded that this decision violated the rights of Ukrainians with Crimean residence and was discriminatory one.

The National Bank of Ukraine has not responded to the criticism of the human rights defenders.

In accordance with the NBU’s resolution of November 3, 2014, the citizens of Ukraine, which have Crimean residence, have the status of non-residents and have limited access to banking services.

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