The number of Ukrainians held hostage increased in Donbass

Дата: 12 April 2017
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The number of hostages held by illegal armed formations in the eastern Ukraine has increased to 126, including civilians.

As reported by Ukraine’s representative Iryna Herashchenko on her Facebook page. This is according to the results of negotiations of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk.

On April 5, Iryna Herashchenko reported that 121 citizens are held hostage.

According to her, illegal armed formations made a demand to transfer more than 600 of their people back to them. Of them, 30 people are not related to the ATO, 60 “have committed most serious offenses and are not subject to amnesty and among 500 people there are several hundred of those who do not want to return to the occupied territories”.

In addition, the politician reported that they managed to bring letters to the families of hostages from their relatives from the Makiivka colony.

As a reminder, according to the report “Total impunity in the ATO area: Investigation into illegal detentions and slave labor” of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU), the actions of the illegal armed groups are aimed at causing maximum physical harm to the prisoners of war. They achieve their goals through tortures. The report also states that militants completely limit the communication between prisoners with their relatives.

Earlier, human rights defenders stated that militants are torturing prisoners using inquisitorial methods.

The Helsinki Human Rights Union reported that militants of illegal armed groups were practicing executions.

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