Moldovan citizen proves in Strasbourg that Russia violated his rights in Transnistria

Дата: 22 April 2016
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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the case “Mozer v. the Republic of Moldova and Russia.”

The ECHR awarded Mozer EUR 29,000 for the violation of his rights in the unrecognized Transnistrian republic to be paid by Russia.

The case of Mozer was submitted to the court on February 24, 2010. He noted in the claim that he had been unlawfully arrested in 2008. He did not receive medical assistance and he was rejected the meeting with a priest. He was accused of embezzling funds from the company which he worked for. The Tiraspol people’s court held him in custody for indefinite term. Later, Mozer was given a suspended sentence of 7 years with the forfeiture of property and written undertaking not to leave the town. However, he went to Switzerland, where he asked for asylum.

During the hearing, the representatives of the Republic of Moldova stated it was impossible to confirm the facts of the case due to lack of cooperation on the part of Transnistria.

Russia did not give any explanations, referring to non-involvement in developments in Moldova. However, Mozer managed to prove that the separatist republic existed only with the support of Russia.

The ECHR noted that “Russia exercises effective control over the Moldavian Republic of Transdniestria by virtue of its continued military, economic and political support for that entity, which could not otherwise survive.”

In its decision, the judges also referred to the position previously adopted in other Transdniestrian cases.

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