Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is outraged by desecration of Rabbi Nachman’s grave in Uman

Дата: 22 December 2016
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The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has condemned the desecration of Rabbi Nachman’s grave in Uman, in which unknown people have splattered blood and pig’s head over the site yesterday.

The ministry called this an act of “criminal contempt for the feelings of believers”.

“This provocative xenophobic act was not accidentally accomplished right now, when… unprecedented level of understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and Israel is being established”, – said in a statement of the ministry, as a reminder, in November Israel voted for the UN resolution regarding Crimea.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture stated that the events in Uman can be interpreted as provocation and an attempt to undermine the partnership between the two countries.

Ministry of Culture expressed its solidarity with all Jewish associations in Ukraine and abroad and hopes that this incident will be investigated.

Yuri Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, instructed the prosecutor of Cherkasy district to investigate this act under tight control and overturned his vacation.

Police opened a proceeding under the Article breach of equality, which implies a sanction of up to 8 years in prison.

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