Luhansk Cossacks hold captive student, demanding to admit she is sniper

Дата: 08 September 2016
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Student, who was hitchhiking across the region, was captured by Cossacks, who held her in the basement and demanded to admit she was a sniper.

This is reported by the human rights coalition “Justice for Peace in Donbas” referring to the East-Ukrainian Center for Public Initiatives (Luhansk regional non-governmental human rights organization).

As the girl told the representatives of the center, in the summer of 2014 she was hitchhiking in Luhansk region. The Cossacks were standing at one of the checkpoints and checking the documents. They did not like her passport for some reason and started saying she was a sniper. They forced her to take off a T-shirt to show there were no bruises on her body from the weapon. Then they called a car, put a bag over the girl’s head, and took her away in an unknown direction.

The student still does not know, where she was held. The building looked like some administrative institution in an unknown locality. She was kept alone in the basement for several days. She was not given food and water and not taken out to the toilet.

The Cossacks beat her and threatened to shot dead, rape, bury alive and throw to dogs.

The prisoner spent there three days. Then the militants allowed her to call her friends who came and take her away. The girl does not know why she was released. Perhaps, she was paid a ransom for.

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