Ukrainian Prosecutor General Lutsenko gives more powers to prosecutor investigating crimes against Euromaidan activists

Дата: 22 May 2016
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Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko has decided to abolish the department for interrogation of investigators responsible for Euromaidan cases.

Yuri Lutsenko posted this on his Facebook page.

After the meeting with the lawyers of Euromaidan activists, who were killed or injured during the protests, the Prosecutor General withdrew the Special Investigations Department out of the competence of his deputy Yuri Stoliarchuk.

This was done because of mutual confrontation between the departments, Yuri Lutsenko said. From now on, Head of the Special Investigations Department Serhiy Horbatiuk will report directly to the Prosecutor General.

In addition, Yuriy Lutsenko gave Serhiy Horbatiuk additional procedural functions.

The Prosecutor General’s Office scheduled to hold the next meeting with human rights activists.

As reported, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine identified another two officers of the Berkut riot police force, involved in shooting Euromaidan activists in Kyiv downtown on February 20, 2014.

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