Klykh given unknown medicines influencing his behavior – lawyer

Дата: 14 March 2016
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Stanislav Klykh is being daily given unknown medicines, which have an impact on his behavior.

This was reported by his lawyer Maryna Dubrovyna, Hromadske radio informs.

He [Klykh] was very rampant, and now he is indifferent and aloof. I do not know what kind of medicines he is being given. He told me that those medicines were from cold and ‘for men’. He was also administered injections. However, we asked Karpyuk and he said he was not given such medicines,” Dubrovyna said.

She wrote the lawyer’s query addressed to the head of the medical unit of the remand prison, where Karpyuk and Klykh are being detained, asking to inform what kind of medicines her client is being given.

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