Number of prisoners in Ukraine shrinking

Дата: 19 February 2016
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The number of prisoners in Ukraine continues shrinking, though at a slow pace.

This is evidenced by the data of the Donetsk Memorial human rights organization.

According to these data, 69,148 people (in 148 institutions, excluding 29 institutions in the territory of Donbas) are imprisoned in Ukraine as of February 1, 2016. For comparison, 69,997 people were imprisoned one month ago while 73,431 people were imprisoned one year ago.

16,393 people stay in 12 remand prisons and 17 penitentiary facilities with the function of remand prisons. For comparison, the number of people held in remand prisons increased by 580 people in 2015, and decreased by 222 people only for January 2016.

Currently, 52,755 people stay in the places of deprivation of freedom (against 53,382 people one month ago and 57,396 people one year ago).

The number of convicts has also decreased. In January, their number declined by 627 people. The number of convicts decreased by 4,014 people for the entire 2015.

337 people serve sentence in six juvenile correctional facilities (against 348 people one month ago, 442 people one year ago and 893 people two years ago).

2,380 women are held in the female penal colonies (against 2,402 women one month ago, 2,753 women one year ago and 5,572 women two years ago).

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