Kyiv handed over 15 pardoned prisoners to militants and expects the liberation of teenagers

Дата: 30 December 2016
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At Thursday handed over 15 people, who were pardoned by the President, to the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, these people were in the militant’s list of exchange.

As reported by Iryna Gerashchenko, representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group, on her Facebook page.

“The Ukrainian side unilaterally, as a gesture of good will, as a humanitarian act, (handed over – ed.) 15 people, who have committed crimes, to start the hostage release process. Among the people that were handed over by representatives of the ORDLO (Certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions) are 6 women, elder people and the sick”, – she said.

“Representatives of ORDO (Certain areas of Donetsk region) promised that teenagers, who are detained for “subversion and terrorism”, will be released before the New Year. But we expect the release of the teenagers and appeal to Moscow and Kremlin to show humanism”, – Gerashchenko said.

She noted that during the transfer of 15 people, mothers and wives of the Ukrainian hostages as well as priests were present and they “appealed to representatives of Russian Federation and ORDLO to release the hostages, to show mercy”.

“Their words, their pleads, their prayers to be merciful and release the children was imppossible to listen to without crying”, – she wrote.

Russian international news agency “RIA Novosti” also reported on the transfer of prisoners.

According to them, the transfer happened in the area of “Mayorsk” checkpoint in the suburbs of Horlivka.

As it is known, it was earlier reported that Ukraine hands over 15 people from the list of the ORDLO as a gesture of good will, to start the process of hostage exchange.

The self-proclaimed DPR does not intend to pass over someone of the Ukrainian prisoners in response to the 15 people, who Kyiv is ready to hand over to separatists.

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