Tombinski: EU not to delay decision on visa-free regime for Ukraine

Дата: 31 May 2016
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The EU will not postpone the decision to grant visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

This was stated by EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski in an interview with Hromadske TV.

The assessment of the European Commission and our experts is that all the provisions [of the Action Plan for Visa Liberalization] were fulfilled [by Ukraine]. We are waiting for the National Agency for Combating Corruption to start to work,” he said.

Now we need that the European leaders make this decision. I am sure this decision will correspond to what was said by the EU leaders concerning Ukraine. That is, it will be immediate decision and nobody will delay it,” Tombinski said.

According to him, the European Council and the European countries are really working now on the mechanisms to prevent uncontrolled migration to the European Union.

However, these issues are not directly related to Ukraine because it is a common tool of the European Union countries,” the EU Ambassador said.

April 20, the European Commission announced submission of legislative proposals on visa liberalization for Ukraine.

The procedure for preparation and consideration of the document in the European Parliament takes at least a month. After approval in the EP, it must be approved by the Council of the European Union.

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