The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine detained a former Berkut officer who wrecked the cars of Automaidan

Дата: 15 December 2016
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Special Investigation Department of General Prosecutor’s Office has detained another former officer of the Berkut special police, who is suspected of illegally detaining Automaidan activists.

As reported by press office of the GPO.

According to them, former officer was long searched for abuse of power and illegal detention of 18 Automaidan activists. This was done by the prior agreement with other Berkut officers, on the night of 22 to 23 January 2014 on Shchorsa and Hrushevsky streets and was accompanied by violence and damages to 11 of the activist’s cars.

“In addition,  the detainee is charged with forgery of report and providing false testimony as well as accusation of activists in serious crimes for which they were detained and prosecuted for allegedly vandal behavior”, – said in the GPO.

Suspect is charged with p. 2 of Art. 28, p. 3 of Art. 365, p. 1 of Art. 366, p. 2 of Art. 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the court made a request for applying a preventive measure of detention.

As a reminder, p. 2 of Art. 28, p. 3 of Art. 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are the articles about the abuse of power by prior agreement, in other words it is deliberate execution of actions that go beyond the granted authority by the law enforcement officer. Especially those actions which were accompanied by violence or threats of violence, use of weapons and such that offend personal dignity of the victim and resulted in grave consequences. For commitment of such crimes suspects can be punished by imprisonment from 7 to 8 years with forfeit to hold certain positions for up to 3 years.

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