The Prosecutor General’s Office is pressuring the Public Integrity Council

Дата: 24 November 2016
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The Prosecutor’s search in Automaidan activist Mykola Sydorkin is a pressure on his project “Prosud”, which writes about expansive estates and cars of Ukrainian judges, as well as on the Public Integrity Council.

The Automaidan press secretary Kateryna Butko told the “Ukrainska Pravda”, commenting on the searches in connection with the alleged surveillance of the head of the Holosiiv Court Elena Pervushin.

She connects the searches in Mykola Sydorkin house with the investigation, conducted by the project “Prosud”. Besides, Butko assumed a complaint or a court ruling was taken retroactively.

“Not a long ago, we received information that judge Pervushyna has an undeclared car. We decided to verify this,” Butko said.

 “Exactly a week ago, Mykola Sydorkin was waiting in his “Ford” near the court where Pervushyna works, to verify if she uses an undeclared car,” she continued.

The “Skoda”, which is indicated in the judgment, has no relation either to the project “Prosud”, nor to automaidan” – she added.

Answering the question how investigators knew whom to search, Butko explained:

“The judge, evidently, saw a camera. She did not go out of a car and left the place. But she could take a picture of Mykola’s car. This is how they found him. Nevertheless, we don’t understand why another car is mentioned in the court ruling. Besides, the judge filed a complaint on October 20 and specified someone followed her on October 19. Kolya was near the court only a week ago.”

“We believe this is a pressure on our project. Moreover, five Automaidan representatives have been delegated to the Public Integrity Council. They have to verify information about judges. Therefore, we can consider it as a pressure on the Council,” Butko specified.

On Thursday morning, investigators searched Sydorkin’s home. The permission was given by the Pechersk District Court after the complaint of the head of Holosiiv Court Olena Pervushyna.

In her complained, submitted on October 20, she specified that unknown people put pressure on her and other judges who investigate Yanukovych, Klymenko, and Kurchenko cases. She also mentioned that on October 19 she was observed from the “Skoda” car for more that 30 minutes.

Mykola Sydorkin has a “Ford” with another car number.


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