Russia’s Security Service officially bans journalist Semena from leaving for treatment

Дата: 22 September 2016
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Crimean department of the Russian Federal Security Service has rejected a motion, filed by lawyer of Crimean journalist Mykola Semena with a request to allow him leaving to Kyiv for treatment.

Semena’s lawyer Andrei Sabinin posted the relevant statement on his Facebook page.

The motion dated August 23, 2016 with a request to allow defendant Semena to leave for short-term treatment in the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv city was considered and rejected because of existence of the specialized institutions for treatment in the territory of the Republic of Crimea,” the document says.

April 19, FSB raided a number of premises of Crimean journalists. The criminal proceeding was launched against Mykola Semena for alleged incitement to violation of territorial integrity of the Russian Federation with the use of the media. The case was initiated after his articles had been published on the site of Crimea.Realities project of the Radio Liberty. He faces up to five years in prison.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the persecution of Ukrainian citizens in the annexed Crimea, in particular of journalist Mykola Semena and urged to stop pressure on him.

August 23, the lawyer of Mykola Semena called on the FSB to allow him leaving Crimea for treatment.

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