80% of candidates to the Supreme Court are judges of the Supreme Administrative Court with doubtful reputation

Дата: 05 January 2017
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More than 80% of the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, who are applying for the positions of judges in the Supreme Court, are involved in the adoption of questionable decisions.

As reported by the experts of the CHESNO.Filter the Judiciary! campaign in the online edition of “Novoye Vremya”. The experts collected data on the judges from the public sources.

“The most “famous” for his decisions, among the candidates, is Eduard Shved. During the times of Yanukovich he openly sympathized the government of that time, because he have not rendered a single decision that would be contrary to the interests of government. For example, while being in the board decided to legalize visiting sessions of Verkhovna Rada in 2013, which were organized by the Party of Regions and the Communist Party without the participation of opposition deputies”, – the experts said.

In addition, they noted that the judge overturned the decisions to dismiss Oleksandr Paseniuk, the Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

“In 2010 Paseniuk with his colleagues has helped Victor Yanukovych to return the Constitution of 1996 to Ukraine and thus to expand his powers. And those are only a few decisions, because Shved made a decision to declare the election results in two districts as invalid and deprivation of the deputy’s mandate from Serhiy Vlasenko, lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko”, – said in the statement of CHESNO movement.

The activists of CHESNO believe that 19 out of 27 candidates for the seat of the Supreme Court contributed to blocking of clearing the judiciary from the “judges of Euromaidan”.

As an example they reffered to Yurii Retseburynskyi who, while being in the panel composition, declared illegal the decision to dismiss two odious judges – Victor Kitsyuk and Oksana Tsarevich, who made decisions against the activists of Euromaidan.

In addition, CHESNO referred to judges-millionaires of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, who were allowed to participate in the competition. This refers to Mykola Zaika, who was in the list of top-5 of richest Ukrainian judges in 2015.

“It is noteworthy that his wife, Galina Sims, owns 75% of corporate rights of company, which has special permits for subsoil use of mineral amber fossils in the Rivne region”, – said the activists of the campaign.

“There are candidates to the Supreme Court with memory problems, who under the pressure of anticorruption bodies were “recalling” about their property in e-declarations, that they somehow “forgot” to mention in paper declarations. Yeromin, Olender, Marynchak, Yurchenko, Byvsheva, Holovchuk, Ivanenko and Shved are among these judges”, – said in a statement.

Civil movement Chesno urged journalists and civil society activists to closely monitor the competition in the Supreme Court and inform them about the involvement of candidates to corruption, crimes as well as violations of human rights, statues of the law and ethics.

Previously it was reported, that only 29% of the candidates for the Supreme Court are not related to judicial system.

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