Corruption should be overcome for successful organ transplantation in Ukraine – doctor

Дата: 29 April 2016
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It is necessary to achieve three outcomes for successful practice of organ transplantation in Ukraine.

Doctor Halyna Hranovska wrote this in her blog on TSN news service website.

First, it is necessary to rearrange consciousness.

Civilization is closely related to altruism and humanism. I understand that there are people who will never agree to become organ donors because of their religious beliefs. I respect different points of view of people, including their religious beliefs. However, you must admit that the percentage of such people in society is not too high,” she wrote.

Second, it is necessary to overcome corruption as transplantation gives a wide space for manipulation, including with organ waiting lists.

Corruption will simply bury this field of medicine and we must cherish no illusions in this regard,” the author noted.

Third, it is necessary to introduce a presumption of consent, i.e. the mechanism by which the organs of any deceased person can be used if it was not banned during his or her lifetime. According to the doctor, this will protect the potential donors from murders.

Nobody prevents a person from prohibiting the use of his/her organs. Moreover, it is necessary to elaborate a simple and inexpensive (preferably completely free) legal mechanism for this,” she said.

As a reminder, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the bill No. 2386-1 on transplantation of organs and other human anatomical materials in the first reading on April 21.

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