Prosecutor General’s Office to stop investigation into crimes against Maidan because of Parliament

Дата: 19 February 2016
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The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine will stop the investigation into the crimes committed during the Euromaidan protests on March 1.

Head of the Special Investigations Unit at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Serhiy Horbatiuk said this on Friday, BBC Ukraine reports.

The investigation into the cases stops on March 1,” he said.

Speaking during the round-table meeting on the progress of investigation into the crimes against Maidan activists committed in Kyiv in 2013-2014, Horbatiuk explained that the Parliament of Ukraine had failed to pass the law on the State Bureau of Investigation, and the next session of the Parliament would be held only on March 15.

The establishment of the State Bureau of Investigation, which is supposed to be given the investigative functions of the Prosecutor General’s Office, was scheduled for March 1, 2016. In turn, Prosecutor General’s Office is to be deprived of these functions.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office has repeatedly drawn attention to the need for passing the amendments to the legislation on the State Bureau of Investigation.

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