Militants captured an IDP, who visited home to take his things

Дата: 28 November 2016
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Militants of the so-called “DPR” captured an IDP from Donetsk Andriy Palamaryuk. His relatives have not heard from him for more than a month. 

Illy Danylyuk, a friend of Palamaryuk, told to “Hromadske radio”.  

According to him, in October, Palamaryk went from Mariupol to Donetsk in order to take personal things to Mariupol. 

On October 19, militants captured him and a man who brought him to Donetsk. According to Danylнuk, his relatives know that he was arrested by the so-called “Ministry of State Security of the DPR”, but the reasons are still unknown. 

Danylyuk says that SBU does not give any information too.

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