Militants tortured a man with electric shocks – UN

Дата: 22 June 2017
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Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) documented the case of a man who was detained at a checkpoint controlled by an illegal armed group of Donetsk region.

As stated in its 18th Report on the Human Rights Situation in Ukraine, militants brought the man to Dokuchaievsk in March 2015. He was tortured by armed men in uniforms – beaten with truncheons until they broke, subjected to electric shocks, and smashed in the head.

“He was brought to a hospital and then transferred to the seized former SBU building in Donetsk city, where he was tortured again in the same manner”, – as stated in the report.

Later, the victim was tied to a chair, interrogated, and beaten with a plastic pipe. One of the perpetrators fastened a belt around his neck and tightened it until the victim lost consciousness. Electric shocks were used repeatedly. The perpetrators also threatened that he would be forced to blow himself up.

The man was released in April 2016

The OHCHR mentioned that armed groups in Donbas continued the practice of 30-day ‘administrative arrest’, during which victims are not allowed to see lawyers or relatives.


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