Belarus banned the entry of Ukrainian human rights defender Oleksandra Romantsova

Дата: 16 March 2017
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Belarus banned the entry of Oleksandra Romantsova, Project Coordinator of the Center for Civil Liberties.

As she reported on her Facebook page.

She said that the staff of the Migration Service came to her in a hotel in Minsk and explained that she was barred from entering Russia. As known, Belarus and Russia are allied states, and therefore the ban on entry into Russia by default extends to Belarus.

Law enforcers did not inform the terms of the ban.

According to Oleksandra Romantsova, she conducted a training on human rights in Saint Petersburg.

Earlier, Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, stated that 300 thousand Ukrainians are on the list of persons who are banned from entering Belarus and Russia.

As a reminder, on February 11, Belarusian police detained Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan in Minsk. After a night in the cell and writing explanations, he was released. A stamp on the prohibition of entry into Belarus for an indefinite period was put in the passport. On February 20, Belarusian authorities canceled the ban.

Earlier, on the night of February 1, police in Minsk detained Vitaliy Sizov, journalist of the Hromadske TV of Donbas channel (Public TV of Donbas). He was supposed to cover the work of the trilateral contact group in Minsk. Subsequently, the journalist was released with a requirement to leave Belarus within 24 hours.

In October 2015, Belarusian policemen were disturbed by the arrival of Maria Yasenovskaya, a Ukrainian human rights defender, to Minsk. Law enforcers questioned her for two hours about the purpose of stay.

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