Activists Will Remind Us about the Occupation of Crimea

Дата: 26 February 2015
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Civic organizations have planned a series of events commemorating the anniversary of Crimea’s occupation by Russia.

This, according to activists and human rights advocates, will help draw attention to the occupation of Crimea. This is necessary because the events in the Donbas have drawn media attention away from the peninsula.

The events started on February 23rd with a photo exhibition “Russia: The Aggressor” near the Russian embassy in Kyiv. The exhibition features photos of events during the capture of the peninsula by Russia.

February 23rd also began a Twitter storm “Crimea is Ukraine,” during which social network users publish their Crimean photos with the hashtag #CrimeaisUkraine. On February 28th at noon participants in Independence Square will be able to “unvirtualize” by taking part in a rally in support of people affected by the occupation of the peninsula.

Today at 5.15 p.m., there will be a telethon “Crimea is Ukraine,” which will be broadcasted on Channel 5 and Chernomorska TV.

From February 23rd to March 16th, the media will broadcast video footage of the occupation of Crimea and Hromadske Radio will air oral histories from witnesses of the occupation.

On March 5th, a photo exhibition will begin at the Verkhovna Rada to commemorate the occupation and a round table in the Cabinet of Ministers will be held to address the problems related to the Crimean situation.

On March 16th, the President’s Commissioner on the Affairs of the Crimean Tatar People, Mustafa Dzhemilev, will meet with students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Civic organizations are preparing an appeal to the President of Ukraine and the rest of the government on the anniversary of the occupation of the peninsula. From February 26th to March 17th, a contest will be held for people to submit their own ideas for the peaceful return of Crimea.

With the support of the UN Development Program, events will be held dedicated to the report of the Russian Federation to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva on March 16-17. In addition, a campaign will be conducted promoting the establishment of a State Service on the situation in Crimea and the organization of an international human rights conference. On April 10th, there will be a hearing in the Verkhovna Rada about the anniversary of the occupation.

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