А picket at the Chinese Embassy will pass because of the imprisonment of the Revolution of umbrellas’ leaders

Дата та час події: 12 October 2017, 14:20
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At the end of this summer three young leaders of the Umbrella Revolution, the protest that took part in Hong Kong in 2014, were imprisoned for expressing their democratic views and struggling for their constitutional rights and freedoms. 

Joshua Wong, 20, is a living symbol of the Umbrella Revolution. While still being a schoolboy, he has united millions of people to take their stand against obligatory attending the lessons of a so called “national and moral education”, which in reality is a pure communist propaganda, and later against Beijing’s attempts to redefine such principle as “One country, two systems”, which ensures the democratic procedures are being legally protected within the city, which is guaranteed by both Hong Kong’s Basic Law and international agreements. 

Nathan Law, 24, the youngest lawmaker in history of Hong Kong, leader of the Demosisto party, ex-leader of the Hong Kong Student Federation, was disqualified from the ranks of the main legislative body of Hong Kong for refusing to swear an oath of allegiance to Beijing. 

Alex Chow, 26 years old, is a social activist who has investigated corruption crimes and attempts to suppress democracy in Hong Kong. 

International human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, as well as hundreds of human rights activists around the world, have recognized the decision of courts as politically motivated and inspired by Beijing. Their imprisonment was severely condemned by the US Democratic Party, the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan etc. 

Moreover, 13 student leaders in Hong Kong are in jail, and nearly 100 criminal proceedings against democratic activists are being considered by the judicial bodies of Hong Kong. 

Since the Umbrella Revolution has a historical connection with the Revolution of Dignity, as Joshua Wong has repeatedly asserted before, we, Ukrainians, have no right to remain silent and stay away from processes that can negatively affect human rights and freedoms and democracy in Hong Kong, guaranteed by Constitutional law until 2047. 

We demand the immediate liberation of all the political prisoners of Hong Kong and we shall express these demands in front of Chinese embassy in Ukraine. 

We strongly condemn the increasing pressure against freedom of speech and the right for peaceful assembly, and also join the criticism on behalf of the UN Human Rights Committee of the newly passed “Public Order” regulation, according to which the democratic leaders were sentenced. This absolutely doesn’t comply with the standards of international law and general democratic principles! 

We would also like to express our concern concidering the actual growth of anti-democratic, aggressive and pro-Russian views on the territory of mainland China, which officially claims to support human rights and neutrality. 

All the offenses must be stopped!

Support the democracy in Hong Kong!

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