Training “Refugees Welcome” in Georgia

Дата та час події: 10 February 2018, 12:30
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“PLUS1Aid- Refugees Welcome” is an Erasmus+ project mainly aimed to explore, discuss and understand contemporary refugee-related challenges in Europe, and in this way, encourage the contribution of non-governmental organizations’ successful integration and social inclusion of the migrants and refugees into their communities. Furthermore, through non-formal education methods the project seeks to raise awareness among youth workers and NGO workers on important issues for the migrants and refugees such as: hate speech, extremism and hate crime, racism and xenophobia, tolerance and multicultural understanding. 

The project aims to achieve the aim through the philosophy of the Erasmus+ program – “Building on the past experience, looking towards future”.

This training Course is for 28 participants from Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine. 

Working language: English. 

Application deadline: 10 February 2018.

Date of selection: 15 February 2018.

Overall objectives of the project are the following:

• Create a network of the organizations working in the field of migration 
• Explore the migration policy of the EU and involvement of civic society in the process;
• Increase an awareness about migration among the youth workers and NGO workers;
• Stimulate the idea of social integration and peace building in Europe
• Share the best practice connected with the management of migration among Youth NGOs and youth workers
• Encourage young people to be actively involved in social life 
• Motivate the youngsters to be active citizens in general 
• Promote non- formal learning and present it as a tool for the participation and development 
• Promote outdoor activities 
• Promote inter-cultural exchanges, tolerance and solidarity in general 
• Spread the information about the Erasmus+ and stimulate future cooperation

The objectives of the training course harmoniously merge with the general objectives of the Erasmus+ and Key Action 1 in particular, in terms of building active and participative society, promoting common sense of European citizenship and identity. Erasmus+ program underlines the need to work on the migration related challenges in the guide published for 2017 and presents youth work and non- formal education as a tool to prevent the radicalization and promote the inclusion.

NOTE: Before applying please contact the Sending Organizations of your residence country for selection process. Learn about possible participation and other relevant rules.

Registration is here.

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