Perpetrators from Zaporizhia exported Ukrainian women into sexual slavery in Israel

Дата: 21 July 2017
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Border guards together with the officers of the National Police of Dnipropetrovsk region exposed an international human trafficking channel through which Ukrainian girls were sold into sexual slavery in Israel.

As reported by the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The human trafficking was organized by a married couple 1960 and 1968 years of birth, residents of Zaporizhia region. They recruited women between the ages of 18 and 35 from Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions and transported them to the Israeli city of Haifa.

“Using the vulnerable condition of potential victims, criminals recruited and detained women in corrupt places where they provided sexual services. They were searching for girls through Internet advertisements offering work in the field of escort services”, – as stated by the State Border Guard Service.

After the registration of all relevant documents they were transported through the airports of Zaporizhia, Kharkiv and Kyiv to Israel. For each “victim” the perpetrators received from 500 to 1000 dollars.

In Israel girls were forced to provide sexual services and all money that was “earned” in sexual slavery was taken away by the pimps and the victims themselves were not able to return to the homeland.

On July 20, border guards together with the employees of the National Police of Dnipropetrovsk region have conducted 8 searches during which they confiscated material evidence confirming the facts of criminal activity and a well-established “scheme” of human trafficking.

Law enforcers have also stopped the functioning of two brothels in Zaporizhia and stopped the export of 6 Ukrainian women to sexual slavery.

The perpetrators were detained and further investigative measures are continuing. Organizers of “criminal business” are facing imprisonment for a term from 3 to 8 years in accordance with the Article 303 part 2 (Prostitution or coercion or compulsion to perform prostitution acts) and Article 149 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Trafficking in human beings and other illegal transfer deals in respect of a human being).

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