In Uzhhorod nationalists attacked the rally for women’s rights and against violence

Дата: 09 March 2017
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In Uzhhorod, participants of the nationalist movement “Carpathian Sich” attacked the participants of a peaceful rally for women’s rights as well as against violence.

As reported by the online media with reference to Yaryna Denisyuk, the participant of the rally.

According to her, on March 8, active women of Uzhhorod gathered at the Teatralna Square in Uzhhorod with banners, the content of which concerned women’s rights. Participants of the rally demanded to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on the preventing and combating of domestic violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention. But, as soon as women unfolded the banners they were attacked by young men, who began to tear and destroy everything. The organization “Carpathian Sich” and its leader Taras Deyak have especially distinguished themselves.

“We called the police, they finally arrived. Nobody was detained, but attackers still fell back. When women started preparing other banners, guys started tearing paper again”, – said Denisyuk.

According to her, Taras Deyak, leader of the “Carpathian Sich”, explained the actions of like-minded people by the fact that the organization, which organized the rally, protects the rights of LGBT people, but not women’s rights. In fact, women came under the cover to protect gays. He also declared to the participants that their place is in the kitchen.

Women did not give up and together with men continued the event.

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