Charlie Award prize established in Ukraine for journalists writing about LGBT and non-discrimination

Дата: 25 April 2016
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Charlie Award prize has been established in Ukraine for the journalists who write about the LGBT community and human rights in Ukraine.

This is reported by the prize’s organizers.

Homophobia has killed ten times as much people as terrorism has. So it is now the time to finally overcome it. The media are one of the major factors in formation of both an individual thought of a person and the public opinion as a whole,” the organizers say.

We are convinced that, despite the speculation of churches and politicians around sexual orientation, homophobia and human rights, the media should play a key role in the actualization of this issue, to cover the problems of discrimination of LGBT people and make society think about the baseless hatred and violence that kills,” they add.

The journalists of all media, as well as independent journalists who defend the ideals of equality, non-discrimination, personal freedom and human rights are invited to take part in the contest.

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