UAH 2 per day spent on treatment of convict in Ukraine

Дата: 14 April 2016
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Ukraine spends UAH 15.31 on meals and UAH 1.94 on medicines for one convict per day.

This is stated in the response of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine to the inquiry of the Human Rights Information Centre.

The document says that the state provided UAH 3 063 572.8 for the maintenance of 65,976 convicts or people taken into custody in 2015, i.e., UAH 126.87 for a person per day.

In particular:

UAH 15.31 are spent on food products;

UAH 9.21 are spent on utilities;

UAH 1.94 are spent on medicines;

UAH 1.25 are spent on clothing and equipment, detergents, fuels, tableware;

UAH 99.16 are spent on salaries of staff (with charges) and convicts involved in household activities, as well as other costs associated with the need to ensure reliable isolation of prisoners and persons in custody and adequate detention conditions.

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